November 12, 2012

Absolute Perfection

This weekend was beyond gorgeous here so we had no choice but to be outside. Pie thought a trip to the playground might be nice, and imagine our surprise when we got there and it was completely empty! We had the whole place to ourselves the entire time we were there.
I can't count the number of times Pie went down that spiral slide (or how many times I did...I had forgotten how much fun they were)

Pie was especially happy about having the big sand pit to herself.

So she "shuh-bulled" (shoveled), and we built castles, and sideways trains...

...and an octopus that had a few issues with his tentacles.
And all of that added up to one very happy girl. And a very happy Mama and Daddy.

November 7, 2012

Happy Hallo-way too late

So I'm a total slacker and haven't been around much, but I still wanted to share my Halloween pics...

This was the first attempt at a Halloween door...the mummy! Was so cute despite running out of supplies, but it rained that night and the mummy was no more.
Pumpkin time. I like to do pumpkins that Pie can get into. So this year I cut shapes out of masking tape....
And let Pie have at it.

After she was done, I peeled off the tape and outlined the shapes with sharpie. I think they turned out really cute. I also covered the little pumpkin with spray adhesive and handed her a bottle of glitter. It was a ridiculous mess and totally worth it!
And here's the mummy replacement door. Frankenstein...He wasn't quite as cute, but oh well, it was fun to do.
The Tuesday before Halloween Pie's school had dress up day, so off my little pirate went to collect her treasure.
I caught her mid "Ahoy" in this one...
I have a friend whose bday is Halloween so I made some treats for her - cupcakes, bones, and boo mix. Thankfully Pie was on hand to taste test everything and make sure it wasn't poisonous.

And finally the time came to trick-or-treat (also known in our house as tricky treat). My little pirate got fully decked out in her boots, tights, and inflatable sword. She was ready to swashbuckle!
I was at school (boo) so I missed the event, but Husband took her out and hooked up with her neighborhood friends to get some candy. She was determined to say "ahoy matey, give me some treasure!" instead of trick-or-treat, but apparently got too caught up in the excitement and went the traditional route like the other kids. Then of course she had to sort through her loot.
And had the resulting sugar high...blurry photo and all
And the eventually, candy-covered face crash.
Another holiday down...on to Thanksgiving!