August 31, 2012

Plans and a cry for help

This weekend I plan to hang out with this crazy haired

block tower building

Hello Kitty tattooed tummy having

Sweet, sweet girl.

We are also going to brave the whole potty training scene again. We've tried a few times before and she just wasn't ready. But we think she might be HELP! Any tips, tricks, strategies you've got, hand them over.

And have a safe and relaxing long weekend!

August 30, 2012

Changing it all

The prompt, "If you could change career paths now and be anything you wanted to be…what would you be and why?"

I had such a hard time deciding on the prompt this week, I happily could have written about any of them. But I just recently had a reminder of this one...

I talked about this some last week, but I'm a ridiculous nerd. School, learning, school supplies, arts and head is spinning with joy just thinking about those things. I get more excited about the back to school signs going up than the Christmas decorations...and I love Christmas.
So if I could change career paths and be anything, I would be a teacher. And you know what? I'm going to be. I'm a little more than half way done with a Masters in Early Childhood Education, that I will leave certified to teach K-5 in Georgia.
Starting in January, I will be in a classroom FULL-TIME as a student teacher (insert happy squealing here), and if all goes well (fingers crossed) will have my very own classroom by August.
A few years ago I had had enough of having a job for the paycheck and not for the love of it. So I went back to school, finished my Bachelors, started my Masters, Pie came along and I deferred enrollment, and then about a year ago went back to school. I've been working full-time, in school full-time, moming a crazy 2 year old, and spending far, far too much time in doctor's offices, all of which is beyond exhausting. And all of which is beyond worth it when I'm a teacher.
Putting on your hand to dry and then peeling it off is perfectly acceptable though :)


August 28, 2012

The Anxiety Begins Again

I've talked about it before, and I'm sure I will again...

My sweet girl is having such a hard time with me being back in school. After a three month break, which included more than a month of not working thanks to all the Topomax stuff, I'm back in school.

I'm back in classes that don't get out until long after she's in bed. I'm back to needing every spare minute I have to complete the homework. And I'm back to working full-time. All of that equals one very unhappy girl.

She's waking up in the night to check that I'm home. She's having nightmares. She's ends up with us most nights. She's throwing tantrums. She's crying and calling out for me. She's a little barnacle on my side when I am home, and will say, "want mama" even as I'm holding her.

I just want to cry. She's having such a hard time and is having to spend so much time entertaining herself. I just want to play, and read, and craft, and color with her and I can't. All I can do is peek over the top of my laptop and watch her for a quick second. All I can do is tell her not quite yet when she asks if mama is done with the computer...when she lays her head against my arm and hopefully asks, "all done?"

What can I do? We're bothing hurting and I just don't know how to fix...or even if I can.

August 27, 2012

Better late than never

This darling boy, snuggling with his bulldog and her puppies...

Who turned into this darling man, who spends his days driving Ms. Daisy (yeah, that's me) around...

Had a birthday on Friday.

Happy (slightly belated) birthday my love. You are my favorite.

August 24, 2012

Today was a good day.

Well...yesterday was anyway, but I doubt Ice Cube would like me changing his song like that. And I'm certain he totally reads this blog, so I've got to show him the respect...

Anytotallymadeupfriendship...Pie was as happy as a girl could be yesterday. She got to run through the sprinkler like a crazy person while mama hid under the giant orange umbrella...

And then she dried off, had some dinner, and got to build towers with Poppa (Husband's dad) until it was time for bed. You couldn't wipe the smile off her face!

August 23, 2012

It makes me smile...but should I admit that?

The prompt, "Aside from your kids, pets, your husband, your coffee and your wine...what makes you smile?" I'm not sure why we can't talk about the really does make me

Alright here it is. My deep, dark secret. The thing other than my family (and of course that wine everyone is talking so much about) that makes me smile...

Yup. I'm coming out of the nerd closet. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that if you've been around awhile you may have already figured out my secret shame.

I'm crazy about school. I loved it in elementary, middle, and high school. I loved college. I really love the Masters program I'm in, and to increase my nerd level, I have about a year left in my Masters, but I'm already looking for the next degree I want.

There's something about learning, something about being exposed to the world in ways you didn't know about or through the lens of someone else's perspective that absolutely feeds my soul. And yes, I know how nerdy that sounds, but it's all true.

It's why I'm in school to become a teacher myself. I want to pass that gift on. My parents instilled in me the love of learning and reading. They taught me how important it is to approach things with an open mind, and to seek more.They showed me, through example, that you can learn from everything and everyone. And that it's a shame if you choose not to take advantage of that.

It's perhaps the greatest thing they have ever given me and I want to give that to others. I think when you gain that appreciation as a child it stays with you forever. And I can't think of a better way to spend my time, than showing children how amazing learning can be.


Sadly, I was even a nerd about that compilation above...Nerd Quirk # Gazillion - When displaying more than one Nerd Quirk in the same place must put them in the correct numerical order. {Hangs head in shame}

August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {Progress}

I've been having so many moments of "when did Pie get to be such a big girl?!" lately, so I thought I'd do a little progress check...
Two years ago she was sitting on the couch being chunky, edible, and completely adorable...

A year ago she was practicing her balancing skills and playing with her new friend Squid...

And today? Today she is growing into her oversized personality, embracing her two-ness, and surprising us every day. Man do I love this kid...

August 20, 2012

Disappearing Act

So I vanisherd at the end of last week, but for good reason.

Husband, Pie, and I had to take an unexpected trip. It's related to his business and I'll get into all the details in another post, but it's good stuff.

Also I start classes again tonight and I'm terrified. Last semester I barely made it through and I wasn't working full-time...or anything even close to full-time. Now I'll have to work a full day and then go to a 5 hour class. Not sure how I'm going to manage that, since I barely make it through the work day.

Send me lots of good thoughts and keep your fingers crossed!

And just because she kills's Pie celebrating her big Hi-Ho! Cherry-o! win despite being sick. We just started playing within the last week or two and she thinks it's pretty much the greatest game ever. I have to say she might be right, especially when she throws her hands up and yells, "OHHHHH" after every single spin that's made. Awesome.

I know you guys are wicked jealous of my hot Saturday night right now...Hi-Ho! Cherry-o! and a runny with it!

August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {Fairy}

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on a fairy outfit...

And then help with the dishes....

And maybe have a snack...

What? You don't do that?

August 14, 2012


That's really the only way I can describe it. I am wicked antsy in the pantsy. I don't know if it's the possible financial doom, the huge change of career, or the absolute uncertainty of the upcoming year, but I'm feeling like I need to do something a little nutty.

I feel almost like this time right now might be my last chance to be stupid or daring. I'm feeling like I may need to:

Add some purple to my hair...

Or get this piercing...

Or maybe this one...

Or maybe get another one of these...

I'm not sure any of these things will happen, but it's kind of nice to think about. Do you ever feel like this?