Me Me Me


So here's the basic story...

I met Husband when I was 18. He was dating a friend of mine, we'll call her "C" for the purposes of this profile. C and Husband split, reunited, rinse, repeat a number of times over the next two years. They managed to stay civil. I re-met Husband when my roommate at the time and I went to visit C. Sadly roommate was into Husband and invited him to see her...he saw me instead.

After an incredibly awful (seriously top 10 worst of all time) first kiss we parted ways. Husband went on the hunt. He eventually showed up at my door one night while I was sick with movies, mashed potatoes and three long-stemmed, red roses. One for each hour he drove, thinking about me on his way to my house. I was hooked. We've been together ever since. 13 years.

After 3 months I transferred schools to be closer to him and we commenced living in sin. On Thanksgiving right after our 3rd year together he proposed. I was shocked, which is hard to do. He immediately took a nap...poor love. On our 4 year anniversary we got married in a completely perfect, riddled with mishaps ceremony.

We were hoping to have a honeymoon baby. That didn't happen. Neither did it happen for the next eight years. Turns out I have PCOS and without some pretty serious medical intervention won't be having children the good old fashioned way. And that's when Pie showed up...this is her story...and my story...our story as a family.