March 12, 2013

One Year Ago

I had a freak side effect to the medicine Topomax and it changed my life forever.

I went to bed with a normal life and woke up blind.

And I still spend everyday trying not to be angry, trying to adjust to the new life I've been left with.

Some days I do better with that than others.

Quick Update:
  • My darling Pie turned three with an awesome pirate party
  • She started soccer
  • She is about to move into a big girl bed (yikes)
  • I left my job after 13's a little crazy not being there
  • I am weeks aways from finishing my masters. I graduate May 4th
  • Finishing the degree with all the medical stuff has been nearly impossible
  • I have missed you all!
For some reason my pics aren't cooperating, but hopefully I'll have some soon.

Hope all is well with you guys...