April 21, 2010

Asleep to I will f*cking cut you in 3 seconds flat

As the move to her big girl room continues (read: I am so tired it's completely possible that I'll fall asleep face first into the keyboard writing this post) I've noticed an interesting change in Pie.

In our room her wake up process was several minutes long. A squeak here, a growl there, some squirming, some eye fluttering, big stretches and then she'd be up. Only after all of that was completed would she start to cry if we hadn't responded yet.

In her own room she goes from sound asleep to screaming almost instantly. There is no slow waking, no build up for response. It's instantaneous. I'm hoping that settles some the more she gets used to her own space. Husband has started hanging out with her in there a bit while she's awake so it becomes more familiar.

Any thoughts from you, O Great Internets?


Cindy said...

We started with naps when we transitioned our daughter (granted naps are a rare thing and are only about 30-45 minutes long here)...She did wake up hysterical at first also. The other thing I did was to put her down into her crib when she was groogy, then she was aware of where she was falling asleep. Other than that, just keep doing whatever works for you, she will get used to it eventually I would think :)! Keep us posted!

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