April 5, 2010

It began with a burrito

My husband went into a Chipotle for a burrito and came out with a baby. He ran into a friend whose girlfriend was expecting. The friend jokingly asked if we wanted a baby. After many years of infertility and trying to adopt the answer was yes...with extra guacamole. Seven weeks later, to the day, our daughter was born.


Marc said...


Swistle said...

I read backwards all the way to here. I have chills. CHILLS!

Her Momma said...


(so I've noticed you commenting on my blog but never saw you on my blogroll so assumed you hadn't posted anything new and then for shiggles came over here and saw the adoption post and realized I hadn't updated my blogroll-ugh! so then i was all, wait, she adopted Pie so I wanted to see the beginning and come here and ... can't wait to read more now!)

sara said...

Her Momma - It's a pretty unbelievable story...I know I still can't believe it!!!

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