May 3, 2010

Does anybody know where I can get a flux capacitor cheap?

We got Pie so quickly that there was no preparation time. There was no let's do X, Y, Z before the baby comes. My sister and her husband, who have the little one 6 weeks older than Pie, did lots of that. They took their time getting each piece for the nursery exactly right. They got the rest of the house and themselves ready. They celebrated the impending peanut. And we all celebrated right along with them. It was so much fun.

Sometimes, late at night, when I'm feeding Pie and rocking her back to sleep, I close my eyes and think of all the things I wish I had done before her arrival or still had time to do now.

In no particular order:

  1. Slept more.
  2. Had one last night of being an idiot. Just drinking and running around and behaving in a manner totally inappropriate for my age.
  3. Did I mention sleep yet?
  4. Read. Read. Read. I am a lover of books. Their feel, smell, when well written their ability to take you out of your life for a brief moment. I never have time to read anymore and I miss it desperately.
  5. Gone to Ikea. I never really need anything at this store, I just love it. And it's far enough away and always so busy that the thought of taking Pie is a little intimidating still.
  6. Hmmm...sleep?
There are many more, but sleep is really the big one. Did you sense that? I never knew it was possible to be this exhausted! I will say though, that despite not having the traditional preparation period, I wouldn't change it for the world. The 7 weeks we waited were excruciating. I have no idea how people who adopt deal with the process when they find out at three or four months into the pregnancy. I think I would have gone crazy.

What about you internets? What do you wish you had done pre-kids or wish you had time to do post kids?

PS - If I do find the flux capacitor (Ebay maybe?) I will happily rent out the resulting time machine for a completely "reasonable" price.


Bronzed said...

I think because your life changes over night when you have kids you can't help, but to think about the should haves, what ifs, and the want tos. The main ones being sleep and time alone.

Just Barely said...

We called my oldest daughter Pie, as well, because she had a perfectly round pie face. I'm new to your blog, but you ARE talking about a human baby and not a real pie that you feed and rock late at night, right? If it IS a real pie, I'm not here to judge. If I baked I'd probably rock my pie to sleep.

Love, Scamp

p.s. Beautiful picture up top, by the way. Did you take it?

sara said...

My Dearest Scamp,

Good god that made me laugh. Our Pie is in fact a human child so called because it's shorter than lovie pie, sweetie pie, cutie pie, etc. Magnified of course, by the fact that I want to EAT. HER. UP. Though with my lack of sleep, and my genetically based, deep down love of it, I could TOTALLY chat with/rock a pecan pie. MMMMM, pecan pie.

The picture was taken by a fantastic photographer ( when Pie was about a week old. Her little tiny head looks like it's going to be swallowed by Husband's huge hands.

Kisses, Scamp Lover

Marc said...

ok, if you find one let me know.. I need to go back and buy a buttload of Home Depot stock and maybe tell myself to advoid a few people!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

pre-baby= SLEEP and did I say sleep. Also maybe to travel with my hubby a little more!!

post baby more time= sewing, crafts, and me time (sometimes)--Once in a while I miss those quiet moments and then I look at my cute little one and I am okay with it :)

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