May 5, 2010

Ruffle bum

The little Pie is working hard to keep us on our toes. Just when we find something that makes her laugh or calms her down, she decides that thing is no longer worthy of her attention. I can just imagine the dialogue in her head, "Weeeee, weeeee, this is so much fun, weeeeee. Annndddd...I'm no longer amused by your childish airplane rides and wish to be entertained by something a little less juvenile."

She has also had us wondering lately if she'll skip crawling and go straight to walking. She loathes tummy time and has shown no interest at all in scooting around in a crawl-y sort of way. She does, however, LOVE to stand up, "walk" around in your lap or up your chest, and is really entertained by standing and leaning against something (like the ottoman). I know there are some kids that do skip crawling, but 3.5 months seems a little early to me to be so entertained with the standing. Despite the fact that she's advanced and so obviously gifted. (Hehehe)

Husband swears it's all the leg "exercises" he did with her right after she was born. I would look over and he would be mimicking leg lifts or squats with her. It always cracked him up. Me too. My other thought, is that Pie is such a sturdy girl that she has an ample, tree trunk like base to steady herself.

The fact that she looks like she's been riding a horse non-stop since the day she was born, with those crazy bow legs, is a discussion for another time. Except to say, go cowgirl go!


Sara Cart said...

My son is the same way. He does a butt scoot and he'll stand and walk while we hold his hands. He hates falling on his stomach and any tummy time and he refuses to even wiggle on his tummy to get around. We have to go and pick him up or he'll cry and scream until the cows come home.

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