September 8, 2010

For Monday Minute...

Ok, so I'm on a posting frenzy of some kind today...

This is a really good one...Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality is passing on the reins of the Monday Minute. If you are interested in being considered check out this post. Except don't because I totally want to do it! :) To participate you have to '[write] a story that has happened to yourself at one point in your life. A story that will inspire others to do good. A story where you performed either a random act of kindness or went out of your way to help someone in need.'

So here's my story:

This was actually pretty hard. I was thinking that as an adoptive parent, I helped my daughters' birthparents quite a bit. But I'm really the one who walked away from that interaction the luckiest of the group. Then I was thinking about telling some stories from the homeless shelter I volunteer at, but that wasn't exactly what I was looking for either.

So I think I'll share a double sided story. One where I have received kindness and where I have been lucky enough to return it.

The journey of infertility and adoption has not been an easy one. Shocking, right? It has kicked my ass 8 ways to Sunday (an expression I have never understood but use anyway). There have been times since I started this blog that I have shared some very personal parts of that process. Some that have really weighed heavily on me, or have worried or stressed me out. And through that I have been amazed at this community's outpouring of support.

I have vented and dumped all kinds of things out here, and so many wonderful people have not only read my ramblings, but have taken the time out of their own lives to offer support, ideas, and encouragement. I am humbled by it.

On the flip side, I have tried to be equally as gracious. I have sent good thoughts, and happy wishes around the country. I have supported causes and auctions. I don't think twice about sending an email or comment to a blogger that I know needs a little extra something.

I love that I can do that. I love that there are so many others who do as well. Being a part of this crazy, funny, joyous, sad, over-tired, wildly loved and loving, mommy, daddy group has been a blessing. It has restored my feeling that while there are certainly people out there who are awful, there are so many more who are happy to take the extra minute during their day to make you smile.