October 15, 2010

Friday and whatnot

With the following prompt, from The Writer's Block: 786 Ideas to Jumpstart Your Imagination by Jason Rekulak, you can choose to write it as fiction OR as non-fiction.

"Think of a person you don't like, and describe what you might say if you had to share an elevator ride together. Then describe what happens when the elevator breaks down. For six hours."

It had been a long week. A really long week. And all Clarissa wanted was for the elevator to whisk her into the garage and to get the hell out of dodge. As she leaned against the cold, silver walls sighing with pleasure at the closing door a hand shot in.

The doors parted to reveal an out of breath Dick, from accounting. Dick was a little man, not just in stature, but in personality too. He was the last person on earth Clarissa wanted to share an elevator with, but it was only 10 floors right? Dick scurried into the elevator taking furtive, rodent like looks at Clarissa's cleavage, and brought with him the smell of his lunch. Clearly he had gone for stale coffee and dog crap...must have been today's cafeteria special.

The doors closed and Dick pushed the garage level button. It was already lit from Clarissa having pushed it, but you know girls, they can't do anything right. So clearly he had to push the button again. And thank god he did, otherwise she may have stood there all night wondering why the big, shiny box hadn't moved. The elevator finally started its descent and Dick mumbled something about weekend plans. Clarissa hadn't really heard him, and certainly didn't care, so she made a non-committal noise and continued watching the numbers on the elevator display count down.

Somewhere between floors eight and seven there was an odd crunching noise and the elevator rattled. Between five and four it happened again. Approaching the second floor it let out an ear splitting screech and came to a bone-jarring halt. This could not be happening. But it was. After a few frantic moments of pushing buttons, trying to get the emergency phone to work and attempting to find a signal on their respective cells Dick and Clarissa realized they were stuck.

Hour 1:
"So...DIck...what was that you were saying about your weekend plans?"
"I have a couple of neighborhood tennis matches. We pretty much always win. I'm really good. Not to mention I look great in the shorts. Huhhuhhuh."

"Ah, well, good luck with that."

Hour 2:
"Man, this really sucks huh Claris?"
"How observant of you. And it's Clarissa."

Hour 3:
"Hey Clarissa, if you get scared we can hold hands if you want."
"Yeah, I don't see that happening."
"Why not?"
"Because you don't wash your hands. Ever."

Hour 4:
"You know what, Dick, you are the single most annoying, ridiculous man I've ever had the misfortune of knowing."
"Yeah well it seems like all the rumors about you being a total bitch are true."

Hour 5:
"And another thing, Dick, grown men don't have urine stains on the front of their pants! They are capable of finishing the whole process and not pissing themselves."

Hour 6:
"Your parents nailed it when they named you Dick. I seriously hate you so much right now."
"Are you as turned on as I am?"
"Holy shit, I just threw up in my mouth a little."

**I wanted to come back and edit, but instead I'm exhausted. Sorry it's so rough...be gentle!

NAME! THAT! ROLL! {Final Round}
First let's see the uncropped picture. You were all right it's Pie's chin...or chins as the case may be.
And now the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner is... Jackie at The Mathey Family!!

Miss Jackie had an impressive 24 out of 25 points. Congrats Mama! (Jackie I couldn't find your email, so if you'll leave it in the comments then I'll get in touch to figure out the shipping details.)

Also, because you guys are so awesome I'll be sending a mini package to spots 2 (Her Momma at Finally Mom ) and 3 (Cris at Jus Keep Smiling). I'll be in touch with you ladies too!

I had so much fun playing this game, I hope you guys enjoyed it too!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!