October 7, 2010

NAME! THAT! ROLL! {Round 4}

Here we go...round 4!

For the newbies here's how to play: I will be posting a series of cropped pictures, each featuring a specific set of rolls. The first 5 people to guess the location of said roll correctly will be given points. The first person to guess correctly will get 5 points, the second will get 4, and so on. At the end of the series the player with the most points will receive a fabulous surprise package from me and Pie.

And the current standings:
14 Points - Jackie at The Mathey Family
8 Points – Cris at
Jus Keep Smiling
4 Points - Yours Truly Dear at
The Mundane Adventures of Miss Jess
4 Points – Kayla at and Potato Makes Three!
3 Points - Her Momma at
Finally Mom
3 Points – Elise at Little Sprout Growing
2 Points - Angela at
Life with Lane
2 Points - Emily at Wife, Check. Mom, Check. Now What?
2 Points – Ian at
The Daily Dose of Reality
2 Points - Christina at And for good measure…
1 Point - Aims at
The Mom Who Stayed Sober

And the new photo...this one is a little tricky...


Still don't have 5 correct answers yet. I knew this one would be tricky! Feel free to guess more than once. Since we're almost at the end of the game I'm going to let the guessing go until we have 5 right answers. If by 4:00 we still don't have them, I'll do another hint.


Hint #1...we've done 1) shoulder, 2) back of knee, and 3) side/back. This is not any of those parts.

Hint #2...this set of rolls would be grouped into the upper half of the body. So it's not: lower back, bum, legs, ankles, feet or toes.

Hint #3...Pie has two sets of these rolls.

Hint #4...These rolls are somewhere between her shoulder adn her fingertips.