November 17, 2010

Could you do me a solid?

I can't believe it...but I'm in the running for the Blog Guidebook 2010 Top Blog. Woo Hoo!!

Here's the info for voting: {from Blog Guidebook site}

"Round one begins Nov. 20th. The bottom five blogs will be eliminated (depending on votes). Feel free to check out the entire list and find your favorite! Round One of voting begins this Saturday!"

So on Saturday vote, vote, then vote a little more, and then if you have some free time, vote! And keep voting all week. I totally don't want to be the first person asked to pack my knives and go/told Auf Wiedersehen/not be given a picture and have to go back to the house, pack my bags and leave immediately.

So vote and we'll be best friends forever and I'll braid your hair. And for the menfolk, I'll email you daily to tell you how manly and handsome you are. Deal? Deal!