November 16, 2010

Holy Crap...she's 10 months old!

*Well 10 months old as of last Friday...I'm a little behind schedule. Don't judge me!

This has been a BIG month for you my love.

You've bumped your crawling up from regular "I'm going about my business" crawling to speed demon "Get out of my way or I'll road rage your ass" crawling. You frequently arrive at your destination completely out of breath. It really make your Dada and me laugh.

You've also decided this whole crawling business is for the birds. You want to walk. And you are trying so hard sweet girl. You fall down and get frustrated, and sometimes get a little hurt, but you are a toughy and you get back up and try again. I wouldn't be surprised if you were full-fledged walking within the next few weeks. In the meantime you love just standing around.

We're still waiting for your official first word. You say dadada and mamama and bababa (you see a theme here?). You also say things that sound very much like hi, uhoh, and yeah. But none of them seem connected to any thing or anyone. But if we ask you where Mama or Dada is, you will look around and stare at the right one of us.

You are staying in your room all night now. You aren't always asleep, but if you wake in the night you usually just fuss for a minute and then go right back to sleep. We are so proud of you for this. It makes us all so much happier than when you were waking up 3, 4, eleventy jillion times a night.

And are trying all kinds of new foods! You still love your lemon slices, but now you've also tried guacamole, pancakes, biscuits, eggs, sausage, waffles, cheese, Cheerios and graham crackers. You weren't crazy about the pancakes or biscuits, but the rest you loved! You are still primarily on baby food and formula, but you are trying lots of new things.

This month was full of activities. You picked out pumpkins with your cousin E. You also went to music class with guys had lots of fun!

Then we painted the pumpkins and paint got everywhere. EV.ER.Y.WH.ER.E. You had a blast until Dada tried to keep you from eating too much of the paint. (and yes, for anyone who thought this picture looked familiar, it is the one I used for The Paper Mama Christmas Card Challenge)

And you still weren't done! Then you dressed up like a ladybug and helped hand out candy.

I was a little afraid that the scary costumes and masks would freak you out. But that was silly. You thought it was great. You couldn't get to the door fast enough. It was so fun watching you.

I can't wait to see what you do this month. I'm sure whatever it is will be amazing. Dada and I love you like crazy little Pie!!