November 29, 2010

More voting and Pie makes me cry...twice

I made it through the first round...whew!!! Round 2 voting started on Saturday. So vote, vote, vote! And don't forget that you can vote everyday!


And now for the Pie making me cry part. That little stinker....

Last night I was putting her to bed and we were having a lovely snuggle. She burrowed in, got settled, sighed, and whispered, "mama." Cue the waterworks for me. She's made the mama noise for awhile, but has never said it in direct relation to me before. What a perfect first.

Then I finally stop weeping...I was doing it quietly of course it is bedtime after all...and she gets all fidgety. So I lean my head back against the rocker and close my eyes. About 30 seconds later I feel a tiny, little hand on my cheek. It was so gentle that I was already welling up. And then she follows the hand with a kiss. She just leaned up and planted one on me. An unsolicited bedtime kiss for mama. Forget it. I was done.

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving. I'll have to do a recap tomorrow.