December 17, 2010

Holiday Traditions

This week, we have one word and one photo for you. Pick one (or both), write a piece of fiction or non-fiction, and then come back on Friday to link up.
Your word is tradition.
And here is your photo:

Photo courtesy of Lori, of In Pursuit of Martha Points.
For more beautiful shots and the story behind this ornament,
see her wonderful post from yesterday,

Nicole had discovered the ornament in the bottom of a box of used Christmas cards she scored at a yard sale. Why someone was selling used Christmas cards she had no idea. But she was a mad crafter and felt certain she could make a wreath or a photo album or a pterodactyl out of them.

She loved the ornament. It was festive and elegant and completely unique. Nicole decided to put it front and center on her tree. A real place of pride. And to make certain that no one missed it she decided to only use smaller, gold bulbs on the rest of the tree. It was clearly the focal point.

As a result, everyone who saw her tree immediately asked about her special new ornament. And every time she had a different story for it. One time it was a replica of an ornament on the Queen's tree. Another time it was an actual ornament from Prince's tree. He had gotten rid of it because it wasn't sparkly enough, of course.

Eventually her friends and family started to talk to each other about Nicole's ornament. Wasn't it amazing that the Pope had blessed it? Can you believe that it was on the tree in the movie Christmas Story? Did you know that Andy Warhol designed ornaments, and how had Nicole gotten her hands on one of them!?

Once the secret was out, everyone who visited the house wrote down their version of the ornament story. And the day after Christmas they would all get together and read the stories aloud. The person with the winning story got to take the ornament for their tree the following year. It was Nicole's favorite tradition ever.


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