December 16, 2010

My Little Anteater

Last week I was interviewed over at the Red Dress Club and was asked what animal Husband looked like. It made me think of a sweet story I hadn't shared before. It also made me think about the gay friends who told me he's a total bear...and then a comment from a million years ago where someone said he looked like Zach Galifianakis.

Anytrainofthought, a few years ago for my birthday Husband gave me this charm necklace.
The first its charms is a ladybug for good luck. I like ladybugs. They are one of the few bugs I don't freak out about like a little girl.
Here's another ladybug I quite like. The next charm is a pear. Because I'm pear shaped. Heh. I'm kidding. Well, not about being pear shaped, that part is true.
But the charm is on the necklace because we gave these candles away as the favor at our wedding. They were in a little box with a tag that said, "Husband and Sara, the perfect pair"
And the final charm is an anteater. Weird? Yes. But wait until you hear the story...
When Husband and I first started dating I was really struggling with how different we were, how differently we had grown up. Finally he said to me one day, “It doesn’t matter how different we are, we’re supposed to be together. If I was an anteater and you were an ant, I’d just carry you around on my nose all day.” Oh how I love that man.
And this is just a super cute baby anteater...I sort of want one...he looks so snuggly.What about you? Any strange or unusual jewelry pieces that come with a back story?
Help a sister out?