December 23, 2010

Special Ornaments

{Click to enlarge}

My tree has evolved over the years to the point where all of the ornaments have been made or been given to us as gifts...sometimes both! Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. This sweet little car was made by my nephew O when he was about a year and a half old. I think Middle Sister may have helped a little.
  2. These starbursts were made by my nephews E and O. The blue one is for Husband and the purple one is mine. I love how simple they are and that the boys thought about the colors to use and where to put the crystals.
  3. This one is a family legacy. When my siblings were little, before I was even born, there were Christmases that didn't come with much money. So my crafty mom had the kids help make ornaments. They were painted Dixie cups and egg cartons. I think there's only one each left of the originals, but they have been on the family tree ever since. Last year my mom made me this updated version.
  4. Several years ago Middle Sister made me a set of cookie cutter ornaments. There's this one with Husband and I, one of her boys, one of my brother's kids, and several with cool paper. They're like double Christmas-y...ornaments and seasonal cookie cutters. Plus I love seeing how the babies when they were little.
  5. These two are actually hanging on the coat rack by my front door instead of the tree. The Christmas angel was given to me by Big Sister in my stocking one year. She's very sparkly and happy making! I'm tempted to leave her up year round. And the Santa is a little handmade piece that I picked up last year on a trip to St. Augustine. We got home from that trip and less than a week later found out about Pie. He's my good luck Santa.
  6. And finally, the newest addition to the tree. My sweet Pie's handprint. We just made this about a week ago, so it really is a snapshot of where she is on her first Christmas. I find myself staring at this ornament constantly. I still pinch myself like it's a dream. She is a dream. A wonderful, amazing, perfect dream.