January 5, 2011

Wordy Wednesday {New Year, New Ink}

So I decided to start my year off with a bang and I went to get a new tattoo! This one is for my sweet Pie, and I've been wanting to get basically since the day she was born. I managed to get it in right under the wire since she'll be 1 next week...YIKES!

I got a pink carnation on my right foot. Say it with me...ouch. The carnation is Pie's birthflower, and a pink carnation is the symbol of a mother's undying love. It was perfect!

Ignore how red, swollen and muddy looking it is, it's still healing. I got it last Sunday, and the guy said by this coming weekend it should have calmed down and the colors will be more pale. So without further ado...here it is!

Also ignore my unpedicured feet...it's winter after all :D It's been quite some time since my last tattoo and I had forgotten the sensation of it and the healing process. Not entirely pleasant. Heh. But it was all worth it to have a reminder of this little face with me where ever I go. I mean...who wouldn't want that?!