January 26, 2011

Wordy Wednesday {A Year Later}

January 25, 2010 at 5:00 pm was huge for us. In this state there is a ten day period after an adoption, during which the bio parents can change their minds and regain custody of the child. No questions asked. The way they figure out the days is an odd system, but the big thing is that the tenth day must be on a business day.

It was the longest ten days of our lives. On the tenth day we sat staring at the phone, waiting for the call. 4:45, no call. We just need to wait. 4:47 still no call. More waiting. 4:52, 4:53 no call. 4:55:07, 4:55:28 no call. We were a ridiculous mess. It was 5:01 when we found out that all was good. We called Pie's Bio Mom and she had basically forgotten about the deadline. She had been at the library and had gotten absorbed in whatever she was doing. While we spent ten days (well actually 13 days) on pins and needles, she had gone about her life. She had made the decision and it had been final. There was no need for the waiting period as far as she was concerned. That was so reassuring to me.

This picture was taken about 5:15. There was crying, squeezes, champagne, hoorays, kisses and more crying.
And this picture was taken last night (January 25, 2011) one year later, at about the same time. Oh how things change in a year. This time instead of tears of joy, there's simply joy. This time instead of shock and awe, there is only awe.
Okay, so now I'm crying. What a sap! I am so madly in love with my family. And I am so lucky. So, so lucky.