February 16, 2011

Lies, lies...I can't believe a word you say!

A gazillion cool points for anyone who is now humming that song from the movie Satisfaction. Hell, a gazillion cool points for anyone who KNOWS the movie Satisfaction!

Any80sreference...yesterday I posted 5 things about myself and only 1 was actually true. It has been cracking me up to see what you guys guessed! I sort-of want to let you keep guessing, but I won't, so here you go...the truth...

1. If I get any more points, I'll lose my license. Little bit of a lead foot.
Not true. Despite what Jenny thinks :)

2. I couldn't spell my own middle name until I was about 10.
This one is true. My middle name is Maureen. I always thought it was Morean. That just
made more sense to me...that whole au part confused me. Heh.

3. I know Andre 3000 from Outkast.
Well if you count Outkast being on my iPod, then I know him. He is from Atlanta so it
could happen someday.

4. In college I made extra money by writing people's term papers.
Sadly, I didn't think of this one until I was writing the list. Damn. Anyone need a term
paper written :D

5. I use Husband's last name, but never legally changed it.
Also not true. I legally changed my name the week we got the marriage license. In
fact, I got stuck talking to all kinds of telemarketers because they would ask if I was
Mrs. Husband and I was so happy about it, I would say yes.

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