March 7, 2011

because I want to...

This meme was running around last week and I thought it was really interesting. I love seeing people's handwriting. So I jumped in too.

My handwriting has changed so many times over the years, from girly and bubbly to scratchy and illegible. I've been told that my handwriting is like an architect, like a doctor, like an artist, and like chicken scratch. Heh. You can be your own judge.

I sat down to answer the question (listed below) with my favorite Moleskine notebook and my beloved Sharpie pen....
...and if you look on the left page you can see where I started the questions and didn't like the way it looked. I may or may not have done that 3ish times :) but here's the end result (click to enlarge).
1. your name & your blog name.
2. your blog url.
3. write: "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!"
4. your favorite quote.
5. your favorite song.
6. favorite musical artist/band.
7. say something... anything.
8. tag some people to do this.

If you decide to participate, I'd love to see so let me know. And if you want to see some other examples check out: Amy, Mandey, and Megan.