March 22, 2011

Me me me

I saw this over at Finally Mom and decided that surely someone would want to know the answers to these questions...right? Right?!

Side note: If you don't know Christina and Lovie you are missing out. Her site is so honest and open and funny. Not to mention there are tons of pictures featuring the GORGEOUS Lovie. She has the best little face and expressions and hair and everything! And I will totally claim to have known her as a baby when she is grown up and famous.

Okay, back to the's so rare that I remember what the point is :D I present you doooo do doooo...The ABC's Of Me:
{a} Age: 33, 34 in June
{b} Bed Size: king
{c} Chore You Hate: cleaning the shower...can't do it. That's one of Husband's jobs.
{d} Dogs: allergic.
{e} Essential Start To Your Day: smooching little Pie
{f} Favorite Color: purple maybe?
{g} Gold Or Silver: silver, gold looks funny on me.
{h} Height: 5'8/5'9
{i} Instruments You Play: I played the flute for a few years and was awful, so nothing
{j} Job Title: depends on the day, but usually Senior Project Manager or Client Relations Manager. And yes, they are as dorky as they sound.
{k} Kids: sweet Pie, but I think you all know I'm hoping for more!
{l} Live: about 45 minutes north of Atlanta
{m} Mom's Name: Jan
{n} Nicknames: too many to list, but the big ones are bup and pea
{o} Overnight Hospital Stays: as an actual patient, gallbladder surgery. Other things with Husband and then when Pie was born
{p} Pet Peeve: people who drive in turn lanes. If you were supposed to drive there it would just be a regular lane. Also people who are completely unaware of the world outside themselves.
{q} Quote From A Movie: "What SP Factor?" or "I can't really hear any assholes talking right now."


{r} Right- Or Left-Handed: right
{s} Siblings: older brother, two older sisters
{t} Time You Wake Up: the alarm starts at 5:15 during the week, depends on the day when I actually get up. And weekends are usually between 6:30 and 7:00 due to a much cuter alarm clock.
{u} Underwear: clean, preferably
{v} Vegetables You Dislike: brussel sprouts and beets.
{w} What Makes You Run Late: breathing. As much as I hate being late, I usually am. I forget things, or Pie isn't cooperating or Saturn is ascending...who knows.
{x} X-Rays You've Had: Tons. Pretty much head to toe.
{y} Yummy Food You Make: Toasted Romano Crostini. YUM.
{z} Zoo - Favorite Animal: giraffes. That commercial with the super rich guy who has a tiny giraffe totally makes me wish those were real. I'd get one in a heartbeat.


Feel free to steal if you want. I did :D Let me know if you do, I'll love to see...