April 14, 2011

Apologies and facial hair...what could be better

So first the apologies...I have had some ridiculous internet issues lately so I haven't been around. Sorry sorry. I'm not sure it was worth the couple of followers ditching out, but I'm really hoping (fingers crossed tightly) that I'll be able to catch up this weekend. Missing you guys!


A little while ago when Michelle went on a well deserved family vaykay, she asked me to guest post. I was beyond honored. So like any sane person who has been invited to write for someone they so admire...I wrote about facial hair. I am an idiot. So yeah...facial hair, threading to be more exact. And I got a lot of questions about it. I happen to get the brows done last night, and like any good blogger I took pictures for you.

Just before...things were getting a little out of hand.
Just after...you can see there is some redness but nothing like you'd ge with waxing. And look how clean the lines are, very sharp. 
And this is about 2 hours later. No more red, no swelling. Just good to go. And all for $12.
If I had waxed, I'd still be red, swollen and likely bruised and bleeding. Sensitive skin always makes these simple things so much more complicated. Any questions just let me know!