May 19, 2011

How do you respond...

To people who make assumptions about your character, morals, even religious beliefs because you have adopted?

To people who respond to the information about your child's ethnicity with comments like, "well at least she looks white" ?

To people who are surprised, and not in a good way, that you are the one who works and your Husband stays home with the baby?

To people who say, "now that you have a baby and can relax and you'll be pregnant in no time" ?

To people who see you with all the extra chunk in your trunk, and immediately look at your child to see if they are regular baby chubby or if you've been pumping Wendy's Frosties intravenously into her while she sleeps?

To people who make assumptions about whether or not you're done adding to your family and how you must feel about it?

To yourself when:
  • you don't know the answers
  • you feel guilty and greedy for wanting more kids, but still want them anyway
  • you're proud that you adopted a multi-ethnic kid, not because of the adoption or the ethnicities, but because she's amazing
  • all that you've ever wanted is to be a great mom, and you're not sure you're living up to that
How do you respond?