June 9, 2011

Ask an expert...no...seriously.

It occurred to me recently that I have the most amazing resource on hand and I have been a greedy bugger by not sharing.

A mere phone call away, I have access to an expert in education, children, and family dynamics. And I don't use the term lightly. She has several graduate degrees (in both education and counseling), and by several I mean a couple of Masters, a Specialist and she's currently working on her Doctorate . She taught self-contained special ed for 15 years and was an unbelievable advocate for getting her kids mainstreamed and treated appropriately by the school system. She has been a school counselor ever since (another 11 or 12 years) and all the while has had her own private practice counseling children and families. Not to mention the fact that she raised 4 kids of her own while working and getting all those fancy degrees.

Granted, you may think I'm a little biased since this amazing woman is my very own mama, but I promise you I'm not. She is wicked smart and better at her job(s) than anyone else I've ever seen.

I asked if she would be willing to be my very own bloggy expert, and she agreed. So ask away. Anything you want to know about kids, family, learning disabilities, behavioral disabilities, developmental issues, school problems...you name it.

Feel free to either post your question in the comments or email me at unofficialmom@gmail.com if you have a question you'd like answered but want to remain anonymous.

If there's enough interest, we may make this a regular thing. I'm excited to see if this helps anybody!