June 16, 2011

Hiding Behind Anonymity

This blog is for the most part anonymous. Sara, which is my real name by the way, is super common so I have no fear using it. Husband, however, has a very unusual name. Very. Like we have never met, heard of, or read about anyone else who has his name. And my darling Pie has a name that is not unusual, but is certainly not common.

When I started writing here I didn't know if it was something that would last, I didn't know if it would do anything for me. All I knew was that keeping things anonymous was important. I never would have guessed what I would gain from this blog. I have gained a place to vent, a place to celebrate, a place to share the wonderful, absurd and heartbreaking. More than all that I have gained friends. Amazing people who I talk about in real life, who I tell stories about, who are a part of my life despite having never met most of them.

And it's that piece that has been bothering me lately. I feel terrible that I'm holding back basic information about my life from you. Granted if we chat offline I've shared names, places, etc. But I feel like it's unfair to hold out on you when so many of you are completely transparent. And that's where the problem lies.

For anyone who doesn't know, Pie is my daughter through domestic open adoption. Her biological parents know us completely...names, address, phone numbers, you know name it. For that reason I have tried to keep any truly identifying information out of my writing here. I wanted to have have a place where I feel fairly certain I can speak openly about anything. I really wanted to have a place where I could say things without fear that Pie's bios would be reading and judging or feeling anything less than confident in their decision.

I am really bothered by the fact that I hide a certain amount of my life in anonymity, but I think I have to keep it that way. I may change my mind in the future, but for the time being I think I still need to hold a few cards close to the vest. Pie still wants to give you kisses though...

What about you? Are you totally transparent or do you hold back? Why did you make that decision? Are you annoyed when people aren't forthcoming? Do you think I should put a few more questions in here? :D