July 12, 2011

Angela: A Day in the McLife

Today I give you Angela from A Day in the McLife. Angela is simply the sweetest, and she and her family should be J. Crew models. They are all so completely adorable!! I am thrilled that I get to call her a friend, and I'm sure you guys will love her as much as I do!


Hi I'm Angela and I must say I was quite honored (and a little nervous) when Sara asked me to do a guest post on her blog. I mean, I'm pretty boring. I am a Northerner raising my 2 babies in our Southern home with my husband and dog. I like to write, but mostly my blog consists of a bazillion pics of my kids so our family in the North can stay in the loop. I have a small space on the web, but Sara and I connected somewhere somehow and we've been cyber-friends ever since. She's stuck with me! ;-)

Sara's a good writer, with a good story and a super cute family-especially little Pie. I don't have any extravagant stories. Nothing really exciting has happened to me. And as soon as I told Sara I would do a post while she was gone, I began developing writer's block. Ahh!

And then I put it off, thinking about what I would write for quite a while. Sara said you can just say "Hi it's me I make cute kids" and then include a bazillion pics of their cuteness. Haha!

Finally Wednesday night I was in the shower and it came to me. Keep it simple. Keep it light and maybe, just maybe, if I include some pics of my kids and my hubby (who Sara, by the way, has a slight crush on based on her comments) {Editor's Note: It's all Angela's fault for taken such cute pictures of him!} the cyber-peeps will be happy.

So cyber-peeps, that's what I'll do.

Me. ("Retired" teacher) Stay at home mom by day, Macaroni Kid publisher by night. (:insert: Shameless plug-If you've never heard, check your city for a Macaroni Kid near you to find out about all the great kid's events happening in your area!)

Hubby. Mechanical Engineer-(I swear teachers and engineers are a very popular couple around here) Most teachers I know are married to engineers!

Lane, my almost 3 year old.

Parker, our newest addition, although she's 9 months old so not so new anymore.

That's us!
I'm just a normal old mom who drives an SUV, loves wine, looks forward to 6:00 when hubby walks in the door, has a baby on one hip and a camera on the other, who is trying to do the best she can for her kids and family and blogging about it all the while!

I love reading other mom blogs (and blogs in general) so leave me your link in the comments and I'll add you to my reading list!

Thanks for having me!


Thank you so much for your post Ang! I'm sure you'll have some more Matt crushes thanks to these pics. Not to mention all the folks who will want to give Lane squeezes and nibble on Parker's cheeks like I do!