September 26, 2011

Lions and tigers and panda bears...oh my

Husband, Pie and I went on a big adventure to the zoo with Big Sister and her family. I think Pie and her cousin E were having a little trouble understanding that the animals were real. Pie would jump when the animals would move or make noises. I can't wait to take them back and see how they do.

This elephant really freaked Pie out. It was just hanging out having a snack, but scared her like crazy.
She was crazy excited in the bird house. Silly love kept trying to grab the birds foolish enough to come close to her. 
And here she is looking at the giraffes....this was her face for just about all the animals though. She just couldn't figure out what was happening.
...and here are the giraffes. The darker one in front is the daddy. Sadly, I didn't get a good pic of the baby. 
And here's the sweet baby panda. It was snacking and running and climbing. So cute. I could have spent the whole day watching.
And this little cutie was mesmorized!