October 27, 2011

22 Things Done

Today I'm going to join up with Mama Kat for the first time. The prompt is 22 things you HAVE done...

  1. Fallen in love
  2. Fallen out of love
  3. Found out what love really is
  4. Got married
  5. Adopted the world's most amazing girl
  6. Finally finished my undergraduate degree
  7. Started my graduate degree
  8. Saw Rocky Horror (with live actors in front of the screen) in London
  9. Saw Rent at the Fox in Atlanta
  10. Made lots of stupid choices
  11. Made a few good ones
  12. Screamed myself stupid at concerts
  13. Woken up to the sound of waves crashing mingled with the breathing of my girl
  14. Napped on the beach
  15. Been to 5 other countries and lots of other states
  16. Moved. A lot.
  17. Lived in a haunted house. For reals, yo
  18. Worked in a homeless shelter for women with minor children
  19. Baked a cake from scratch
  20. Baked a cake from a box and said it was from scratch
  21. Found joy in the smallest things
  22. Felt my heart swell almost to bursting the first time I held my daughter