December 8, 2011

Dear Santa...

The prompt I chose this week is an "Open letter to Santa Clause"...


My Dearest Santa,

I don't want to toot my own horn, but I have to say I've been pretty good this year. (Plus I think horn tooting is generally frowned upon.) I know you're super busy so I just wanted to give you a quick reminder of all my goodness:
  • Despite really wanting to on occasion, I didn't smack anyone
  • I held my tongue...mostly...well at least every once in awhile
  • I swore ever so slightly less, like this one time I called someone an ass instead of what I really wanted to call them
  • I only stole office supplies that I really needed instead of the ones I simply wanted
  • And I never took the last cookie...not all of it anyway
So as you can see, I clearly deserve anything I ask for this year. I'll have to send that list separately. I needed more room.

Love and Kisses,