December 21, 2011

Some of my favorite Christmas things...

This little alcove by my front door is one of my favorite places to put decorations. Only the most special ornaments go here.

This little tree is from Walmart a million years ago, but I love how rustic and home-made-y it looks. And yes, that is totally a real word...

This angel is from Big Sister and I love her (the angel and the sister). If she weren't holding a Christmas tree I'd probably leave her up year round.

Santa is a must of course. But this Santa in particular is special because Husband and I picked it up on a trip that was like our second honeymoon. A trip that we spent a lot of time deciding we may never have children and we needed to be okay with that. A trip we returned from and within two weeks found out our little Pie was on her way. It was a very special trip and this is a very special Santa.

This little guy does stay up all year. It's so pretty and festive. It came from Big Sister's Mexican honeymoon (along with some amazing hand-blown margarita glasses). 

Tree Update: Despite Pie's terror, we managed to sneak the tree in while she was sleeping. It was a little rocky to start, but she's gotten used to it for the most part and generally ignores it. But we didn't know how it would go, so we only put the lights, topper, and a paper chain we made on to decorate. No million ornaments. Just sweet and simple. Easier to take it down that way if need be.

Well, I take that back. There is one ornament on the tree. Pie's new, incredibly sweet, dinosaur. He's front and center and she touches him every time she walks past.