January 5, 2012

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

I'm picking the prompt, "Your significant other's family is coming over in two hours..think about what's in your kitchen. Now QUICK...what's for dinner"


My in-laws are on a collision course with my house and I will cook...nothing. I swear it's better for everyone that way.

The truth is, when they come to visit, Husband's mom has usually planned to cook one of his Southern favorites. Some meal that he never gets unless she makes it for him; roast, short ribs, chocolate gravy (well that one was his grandmother).

Since I am not Southern, nor do I eat meat, the cooking really is best left to someone else. If you asked Husband he'd tell you that with me in charge it would be cereal, cheese and crackers, or maybe mac n' cheese if things were getting fancy.

And frankly...it's funny because it's true.