February 13, 2012

Funny Pie Story #98,453

We have this picture at the top of our stairs of the beach. It's a black and white of the sand, water, and part of a beach fence. Pie has recently become rather intrigued by the picture and we find ourselves discussing it several times a day.

This weekend she went to the bottom of the stairs and said, "beach" point up at the picture. This is the resulting conversation:

Pie: Beach!
Us: That's right, what do you see in the picture?
Pie: Water.
Us: Good, what else?
Pie: Sky.
Us: Yup, anything else?
Pie: Sand.
Us: Good job. What about beach fence? Is there beach fence in the picture?
Pie: {turning around and pointing at us} YEAH THERE IS!

You potentially had to be there to catch the infomercial tone of voice she used, but we were hysterical. That kid never fails to entertain me...