February 9, 2012

Ten Years Ago Today...

The prompt, "Ten years ago on this day, I was…"


...4 months into my marriage

...Answering yes to telemarketers who called asking for Mrs. Husband because I was so entertained that they meant me

...Still giving my maiden name to restaurants, etc. out of habit (Shhh...don't tell...but I still do sometimes. 24 years with one name is sort of a hard habit to break)

...Dreaming about a baby and a little disappointed the whole honeymoon baby didn't happen

...Sitting at the same desk I'm typing this at, dreaming of the day I could move on. Oh how horrified I would have been if I knew 10 years later I'd still be here.

...Thinking that I really should go back to school and finish my degree (which I eventually did and am now working on my masters)

...Crossing my fingers that I would have the family I always dreamt of

All in all not bad. I'm still happily married, I have the world's most amazing baby girl, I'm moving forward with my education and a plan to leave this job (finally). Things are good. Life is good. This reminder of that is good.