June 25, 2012

34 for 34 {Final Update}

So here's the final update on my 34 for 34 list. As I am now officially 35 (how in the world did that happen?!) I'm not checking anything else off. However, since I've spent the last several months being blind, I'm knocking a quarter of the things off to make myself feel better about what I've accomplished. So for the purposes of this update 8.5 of these items are now being considered "optional". Check it...
  1. Update my blogroll
  2. Read at least 5 books that have neither pictures, nor rhyming verses DONE
  3. Start getting to work earlier so I can leave earlier DONE-ISH
  4. Exercise more DONE
  5. Decide which Masters to start DONE
  6. Start Masters program DONE
  7. Sign Pie up for a dance class DONE
  8. Be more social with neighbors so Pie has kids to play with close by DONE
  9. Organize work/store area at home DONE
  10. Re-launch HMH
  11. Start participating in The Red Dress Club prompts again DONE
  12. Get published in some non-internet publication
  13. Finish some of the crafts that are sitting half done on my desk DONE
  14. Try bangs...eeekkkk DONE
  15. See a movie in the theater DONE
  16. Take my camera off auto
  17. Have a proper date night with Husband DONE
  18. Organize Pie's closet DONE
  19. Finish guest room
  20. Organize my Pinterest boards DONE
  21. Finish Pie's baby book
  22. Make book for Pie's Bios
  23. Help Husband organize his world domination plan DONE
  24. Become more active in the adoption community
  25. Figure out the right way to take care of Pie's hair DONE-ISH
  26. Ride a bike again
  27. Actually complete a craft/tutorial I have on my boards at Pinterest DONE
  28. Clean out the linen closet. I'm thinking space bags will be involved DONE
  29. Buy new, matching, towels
  30. Ride the skywheel when we go to Myrtle Beach FAIL
  31. Finish Pie's coloring table and find a good place to put it DONE-ISH
  32. Rearrange furniture in bedroom
  33. Plant bushes on cul-de-sac side of the house
  34. Send friends/family more snail mail. Who doesn't like getting that?
So that makes 17 complete, 1 fail, and 3 done-ish. By my new accounting that only leaves 4.5 things I didn't get accomplished. Yeah...let's go with that.

As for the three done-ish things:
Getting to work earlier and leaving earlier was sort of taken care of for me since I don't work as much as I used to with the whole blind thing.

Figuring out how to take care of Pie's hair is mostly done. I've got a good idea and have put several things in place, but it's not quite perfect yet. I'm still tweaking the system. It would really help if she would stop putting dirt and sand in her hair forcing me to wash it much more frequently than I should.

Finishing Pie's coloring table...while this was a labor of love, it's one that's been forgotten. Pie mostly just pushes the thing around to aide in her attempts to climb onto and jump off of ever increasing heights of things. So there's no point in trying to find it a permanent home. And since she just uses it as a stepping stool, the paint is all chipped and funky so I've given up on that too. But it makes her happy, so more power to her.

And that's it. I'm not sure I'll do a 35 for 35 since I'm still in total limbo with my eyes. No use putting more on my plate when I can't see what's there to start with...hehehe.