June 1, 2012

We DO NOT put boogies BACK INTO our nose....and other ladylike things I've said lately.

So if you've been around for awhile, you know that I'm quite the delicate flower. Always proper and reserved, easily offended, always...what?!...you know I can actually hear you laughing through the interwebs. Shut it!

But lately it seems I've had the occasion to say a number of really unladylike things. And because they all made me laugh, I figured I'd share.

1. "We DO NOT put boogies BACK INTO our nose."
    ~said to Pie as she proceeded to do just that.

2. "A few more of these margaritas and you're right!"
    ~said to my mom and dad and sister and brother in law after my mom commented on my
     recent weight loss by saying my pants were going to fall off.

3. "Every time I move it feels like someone is punching my in the right ass cheek."
    ~said to Husband the day after I fell down our stairs and landed quite hard on said cheek.

4. "Would you mind rubbing my butt?"
    ~said to Husband after falling down the stairs in the least come on-y way ever.

5. "Do you think it would be wrong of me to use the phrase 'balls deep' more often?"
    ~said to Husband after reading the phrase in a book.

6. "Hey Toots!"
    ~said to Pie (while laughing hysterically) after she made some noises that only frat boys
    should be able to make.

7. "Apparently she pooped."
    ~said to random Walmart customer with a shrug after Pie announced it to the store.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of unladylike comments! XXOXX