July 26, 2012


The prompt, "When was the last time you made something with your hands and what was it? (inspired by mindbump.com)."


My beautiful niece C turned 1 at the end of June and there was of course an awesome party. Her gifts from Husband, Pie, and me were all handmade, because that's how we roll. Also because we're crazy broke at the moment. But mostly the that's how we roll part.

So here's what the birthday girl got...
1) Two ocean themed screenprint tees.

2) An elephant picture. This one has a bit of a story. When C's older sister E was born I made a fairly big piece of art for her nursery. It has three elephants linked tail to trunk, one for E, one for Big Sister, and one for BIL. Because it's framed and I can't alter it, I made a separate elephant to represent C that will hang alongside the original.
This sweet little guy is made from some fingerpainting that Pie did (in the appropriate colors) then I cut out the shape. So it was a group project.

3) And finally, sweet C got her name in lights, or embroidery thread as the case may be.

But the party itself can't be overlooked. The basic theme was confetti, so that gave us lots of leeway for decorations. It turned out so cute. Fantastic job by Big Sister!
To help, I made some tasty chocolate dipped marshmallows, some confetti rice krispies, a balloon wreath, and both sisters and I made the table cloth.

And here are just a few other random shots from the party. Super cute right?

Sorry for the quality of the pics, they're all from my phone. If you follow me on instagram (swdenison) you've already seen some of these. But they're worth seeing again.