August 20, 2012

Disappearing Act

So I vanisherd at the end of last week, but for good reason.

Husband, Pie, and I had to take an unexpected trip. It's related to his business and I'll get into all the details in another post, but it's good stuff.

Also I start classes again tonight and I'm terrified. Last semester I barely made it through and I wasn't working full-time...or anything even close to full-time. Now I'll have to work a full day and then go to a 5 hour class. Not sure how I'm going to manage that, since I barely make it through the work day.

Send me lots of good thoughts and keep your fingers crossed!

And just because she kills's Pie celebrating her big Hi-Ho! Cherry-o! win despite being sick. We just started playing within the last week or two and she thinks it's pretty much the greatest game ever. I have to say she might be right, especially when she throws her hands up and yells, "OHHHHH" after every single spin that's made. Awesome.

I know you guys are wicked jealous of my hot Saturday night right now...Hi-Ho! Cherry-o! and a runny with it!