August 9, 2012

Oh the embarrassment...

I'm going to cheat a little today and write about the bonus vlog post instead know...vlogging. The prompt, "Talk about an awkward moment."

This is truly a difficult post. Not because I have a problem making a fool or myself or discussing embarrassing/awkward moments, but because there are so many to choose.

You see, I'm an idiot. That came out a little like I'm at a support group...I'm Sara and I'm an idiot. Hi Sara. Support group or not it's the truth. I tend to find myself in completely unintentional situations where I am crazy awkward. Case in point, it happens often enough that I have a song about it. My friends laugh because I'll start singing, "I am so uncomfortable."

So I wracked my brain trying to decide what I'd entertain you with today, and I think I've decided on a good one...well a good seven

  1. When I go to sleep I have to have all body parts on the bed. I have a lingering childhood fear that if I don't whatever lives under my bed with its dustbunny minions will be able to get me.
  2. My middle name, until I got married and took my maiden name instead, was Maureen. I was about 10 before I could spell it. My own name. I could not spell it. Morene just made so much more sense to me.
  3. Not that long ago, Husband and I were checking out at the grocery store. He said, "Oh, you have an eyebrow hair or something on your neck. Let me get it." It was not an eyebrow hair. It was attached. The cashier had the good sense not to make eye contact after that.
  4. A million years ago in college I was walking across campus where lots of construction was going on. I got to the top of a ditch/hill thing. I tripped. And I don't mean a dainty little stumble. I mean I went down flat on my face. And as I started to get back up the momentum caught up to my backpack which proceeded to smack me in the back of the head and knock me back down. Lots of people saw. LOTS of people.
  5. A million and a half years ago at a different college, Middle Sister and her now husband came to celebrate my birthday. We went out and things got rowdy. I ended up on hands and knees behind the big front of the campus college sign puking for all I was worth. Middle Sister decided that was a good time to show me how she could still do the running man. And that's when the vom came out my nose. Good times.
  6. When Husband and I were newly dating he came home with me for the weekend. We were staying in separate rooms at my parents' house. At some point during the weekend, Husband, my mom, my dad and I were in my room rearranging the furniture. As the bed was being dragged across the room a pair of pants popped out from underneath. We all paused to look and someone said, "Those must belong to Big Sister's boyfriend." That's when my mom picked them up. They did not belong to Big Sister's boyfriend, they belonged to Husband which we all discovered quickly because husband was a mechanic at the time and his name was inside the waistband of said pants.
  7. I'm going old school with this one. Growing up we had a trampoline. When I was about 12-13 a boy I liked was over. I dressed up, inexplicably I decide a tube top would be a good choice. I think you all know where this one ended up. Trampoline + tube top = first boobs that kid saw.

If you've been around June 2010 may remember these from an award post back then. I think between the new readers and the fact that they are all still incredibly embarrassing/awkward it's okay to repost.


Jackie said...

One of my favorite posts! I'm dying!

JimmyFJames said...

Since, I am a guy, I found the tube top story pretty funny. But my favorite was tripping on the hill and the backpack smacking you in the head, but I cannot even imagine what it is like to puke out your nose! Great post!

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