October 4, 2012

What did you just say?!

The prompt, "Share a moment when you felt surprised."

This prompt couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Other than darling Pie falling in our laps, the time I was most surprised was when Husband proposed. And it just so happens that our anniversary is tomorrow. 15 years together and 11 married. It's been a lifetime and has gone by in the blink of an eye.
So here's the surprise...Husband and I had been together for just over 3 years and had been talking about marriage pretty much that whole time. After our first quasi-date he went home and told his mom he was going to marry me, and told me about a week later. That crazy boy.
We had finally decided to get serious about it, we had moved back to Atlanta and we had an apartment, were both working, out of school, etc. And because we wanted to get married on our actual anniversary, which happened to fall on a Friday the following year we booked our wedding/reception location before we were engaged.
Everyone knew it was coming and that it was only a matter of time. Husband had said we wouldn't talk about it again until after the first of the year because he was saving for the ring he wanted. And I had no reason to question that. I, being only 19 when we started talking about it, was a total brat. I had a whole folder of acceptable rings and ways to propose...you know the whole rent out a theater and have it on the previews. Yeah...like I said...I was a brat.
So Thanksgiving rolls around and we all sit at the table. Me, Husband, and my entire family. It was a big crowd. And we have a tradition of going around the table and each saying what we're grateful for. At some point during the day Husband had pulled my dad aside and asked for his blessing (the one point about which I was a brat and still totally would be today). Dad obviously said yes, and together with my mom who also knew orchestrated it so that Husband would be the last to speak.
I went just before he did and was a smart-ass. Shocking I know. And I said I'm thankful that I'm getting married next year. Hahaha. Well then it's Husband's turn, and when I look at him he's standing. I thought "well that's rude to leave the table right now. not cool dude." And then he was squatting down so I think "oh maybe he just dropped his fork, napkin, etc and is trying to reach it. but still some odd timing." And that's when I realized he wasn't squatting. He was on one knee. And he started talking, neither of us have any idea what he said. I was shocked. Completely and totally blindsided.
In the same instant I launched myself at him, started crying, and mumbling something to the effect of what is going on! My mom had told Husband earlier that he had to stay on his knee until I said yes, so after a while someone yelled "can you please say yes already so the poor boy can get off his knee!" Of course I said yes, and then Husband asked if I wanted to actually look at the ring he was holding. Oh right...that. I took a deep breath and looked. It wasn't like the rings I had picked out in any way, shape or form beyond the fact that it was white gold. And it was absolutely the most perfect thing I've ever seen. He could not have done a better job. It is exactly me.
Once all the crying, screaming, laughing, and looking at the ring were over we sat down to dinner again. Neither Husband nor I ate anything. He was still busy recovering from the stress of asking and I was too busy staring at my ring. Eventually we left the table and Husband fell fast asleep. And I continued starting at my ring :)
So that's it. The biggest surprise he's ever pulled off. He maintains that it's probably the only one he'll ever get past me. He may be right, I'm hard to surprise.
I've written about this before here, and the disaster that was our wedding here. If you've got some time and need a laugh the wedding post is definitely worth it!