April 9, 2010

Heavy breathing, naked bums and other things that have a TOTALLY different meaning now

Pie is a heavy breather. She has been since the day she was born. And while it certainly helped to quell my new mom fears at night, because I could always hear her, it has also provided no end of entertainment.

Sleep deprived and barely awake, the heavy breathing starts. Husband and I start to chuckle. Inevitably one of us says. "Heh, heh, what are you wearing? Heh, heh, I have on footie pajamas with bunnies on the feet." And then we both laugh. It's probably wrong to make that kind of joke about your 3 month old. But we both have a sense of humor equivalent to that of a 15 year old boy.

We also have a habit of yelling "NAKED!" whenever the Pie is...wait for it...naked. God we're clever. We have far too many pictures of her naked, cottage cheese bum. It's so cute and squishy. As one can imagine given her rolly-polly legs, the rest of her is sized to match. The hippo scene in Madagascar 2 is frequently referenced. You plumpin, you round, damn girl...you huge.