April 27, 2010

Oh no! Don't eat me!!!

Pie is working really hard on two things right now. The first is developing her sense of humor and the second is teething. A by-product of the teething is that she tries to eat everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Any thing/person/toy/blanket that comes even remotely close to her mouth should prepare for a gumming.

Husband and I entertain ourselves by saying, "oh no, don't eat me!" whenever she starts to gnaw on one of us. And in the last couple of days it has started to crack her up too.

Last night she was standing in my lap and I would bring her close to give her kisses. But she was not in the mood for kisses. She was in the mood for a quick mama snack. So I would pull her close, she would try to bite me, and I would say...you guessed it..."oh no, don't eat me!" Then Pie would squeak, and squeal, and giggle. Over and over we did this, and every time it was the same result. Squeak, squeal, giggle.

It got to the point that I was laughing so hard that I couldn't say my line anymore. Husband and I just can't believe how fast she is making these relatively big jumps in development. One day it's nothing and then the next she can grab her toes, or laugh, or squeal with happiness when one of us bends to pick her up.

I am awed at the changes. I cherish each one, and can't wait to see what's next.