April 22, 2010

Splish splash she was taking a bath

Woo hoo...two posts in one day. It's crazy!

Just had to put this down before I forgot. Last night during her bath, Pie splashed. A huge splash. She soaked me down completely! It was her first one. I was hysterical. Her little, sweet, and totally surprised face was priceless.

Husband came running to see why I was laughing and we tried to get her to splash again. She knew she had done something that made us laugh, but couldn't quite figure out how it had happened. She kicked her little feet, but they were under the water so nothing happened. She squirmed her little bum, no splash there either. I guess after that she was out of ideas. She just looked up at us with her huge eyes blinking and her eyebrows drawn together.

We tried to show her how to splash, but it wasn't sinking in. I can't wait to see if she tries again.