April 23, 2010

Tim Gunn lives at my house

In a small effort to stay connected to Pie while I'm at work, I pick her clothes for the following day out each night. Then at some point Husband will take a picture and send it to me so I can see her. Husband has a surprising level of commentary about her clothing.

He has very definite opinions about what colors he likes and doesn't like her in, the fit of certain things, god help us all if it's more than two pieces or doesn't include a onsie (no t-shirts allowed...they ride up too much). And perhaps most alarming, for me anyway, a deep-seated hatred of leggings. I feel very strongly that I should not investigate this hatred any further...I fear what I may discover.

The flip side of these opinions is possibly the sweetest thing ever. Every morning as Husband dresses Pie, he holds up each piece of clothing and talks to her about it. He describes the color, he talks about any pattern that may be there (this onsie has a monkey on it. what does a monkey say? oohh oohh aahh ahh.) Then he holds the piece of clothing up to himself so, in his words, "she can see what she might look like in it." I sincerely could just die from how much I want to squeeze him for this. It is just so damn cute.

I'm waiting for the day he starts to say, "Let's make it work Pie!"