June 29, 2010

I got tagged

I was tagged by Leah at Lovely Life of Leah with "3 things about me." You've got to check out her site. There are lots of gorg pics of her and her little Gavin from a recent photo shoot...so cute!

3 names I go by:
* Sarie (family in general)
* Pea (Husband)
* Bup (my dad)

3 places i have been:
* London (loved it)
* Paris (not so much)
* Lucerne (felt like I was in a fairy tale, so beautiful)

3 favorite drinks:
* Middle Sister's homemade lemonade
* margarita
* ice cold beer on a hot day...mmmm
(I felt like listing alcohol for all three was a little too boozy so I classed up the list with some wholesome lemonade)

3 jobs i have had:
* daycare/dayschool teacher
* party host at Discovery Zone
* currently - Senior Project Manager/Client Relations Manager for a software company (gag)

3 tv shows i watch:
* Top Chef (and any number of other reality shows)
* Family Guy
* The Simpsons

3 places i would like to visit:
* Fiji (I'm stealing this one from Leah...who wouldn't want to go there?!)
* Ireland
* Greece
(Sadly I've become a freak about flying. We were all set to go to Cape Cod to visit family a few years ago, got so far as boarding the plane and they said, "We're closing the door." I said, "Oh hell no you're not." And ran for the gate. Not sure what caused that, some combo of being trapped and who knows what else. I haven't tried again since)

3 favorite retro tv shows:
* Facts of Life
* Family Ties
* Golden Girls

3 places i have lived:
* Royal Oak, MI (outside of Detroit...was born here)
* Boston, MA (the folks are from here)
* Atlanta, GA (currently)

3 favorite dishes:
* veggie burger on the grill
* pizza...yum
* cheese and crackers (not technically a dish, but one of my fav things to eat)

3 things I am looking forward to:
* VACATION! I leave on Friday!!!
* Pie's first word
* Having a life that does not include my current job (having one I actually like instead would be beyond fantastic)

3 people I'm tagging
* Cindy - This Adventure, Our Life

* Kayla – and Potato Makes Three
* Jenni – jenni from the blog

Pie has become fascinated with the laptop and wanted to add her two cents...take it away lovie


Perhaps she'll be a mathematician. She showed no interest at all in the letters, only the numbers....


Leah said...

aww thanks so much for your sweet words about my blog :) and pictures!! yayayay :)

sara said...

Leah - I speak the truth!

Her Momma said...

hehe ADORABLE ending. :)
coolio info.
Facts of Life seriously was the sh..bomb!

Salt said...

Family Guy!!!! *high five* I think I've seen every episode of that show at least twice.

Anonymous said...

Cheese & Crackers is classic.

sara said...

Her Momma - I still freak when I manage to catch the reruns. I just love that show!!

sara said...

Salt - Hells yes! Plus all of the "movies". I am now mocked by family because almost every situation results in me saying..."One time on FG there was an episode just like what we're talking about where..."

sara said...

K - I really could eat cheese and crackers for every meal and be happy. Throw some cereal in occasionally and I'm in heaven!

Kayla said...

Woot for family guy!

sara said...

Kayla - Hooray, another fan!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

YAY! Thanks for tagging me, I will do this tonight :)! Fiji, I know, I want to stay in one of those little island huts on the water, ahhhh...the life!! Love Pie's little note! I let Bailey go to town on my blog a while back, she was all about letters though :)! LOL!

Belly Charms said...

I just hopped on over after reading your comment on my muddy boys. Your story is amazing - I love how you and your husband finally got together too. I will be checking your blog out regularly. :)

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so great!
so many new facts.. i love it!!
i want to go to Ireland so bad too!!

sara said...

Cindy - That's exactly what I was thinking of...those little private huts over the water...ahhh.

sara said...

BC - Thank you! I always love to hook a new victim...I mean reader :)

sara said...

CR - I'm mostly Irish, so I've always felt a draw. Plus their accent is wicked sexy :)

jenni said...

Thanks for the tag mama! I'll do it soon... how fun!!

sara said...

Jenni - You can do it with all your free time :) Maybe if Brynn sleeps again tonight...fingers crossed!

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