June 6, 2010


OK, so this is really, really scary. I've added a link to my short story in the right sidebar. Short is relative I suppose...it's 25 pages in Word. It was written before Matt Damon got married, so that part doesn't really work now...but whatevs. Feel free to read it all, read some of it, or ignore it completely. Also feel free to comment here...options are:
  • I laughed my ass off, why aren't you a writer
  • Short means short...I couldn't get through it
  • Man, that's time I can never get back...thanks a lot jerk.

Also acceptable: don't quit your day job, you suck, real writers are turning over in their graves, and if you ever write another word there will never be another rainbow.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lengthy but loved it!

sara said...

Thanks K. I originally wrote it for a contest and the length was to their specs. I suppose I should shorten it if I'm going to call it a "short" story!

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