September 17, 2010

It's a game! It's a show! It's a game show!

That's right's the Unofficial Mom game show. Are you ready to play? Then come on down for...NAME! THAT! ROLL!

Here's how to play...Pie, as we all know, is a rolly-polly fool. Over the next week or so I will post a series of cropped pictures, each featuring a specific set of rolls. The first 5 people to guess the location of each roll correctly will be given points. The first person to guess correctly will get 5 points, the second will get 4, and so on. At the end of the series the player with the most points will receive a fabulous surprise package from me and Pie.

And now for roll number 1:

Let the guessing begin!! Good luck everybody! To enter simply leave your guess (and email) in the comments.


And don't forget to vote for the new Monday Minute host if you get a chance. {me me me} Please and thank you! {me me me} My offers of best friend-iness, internet hugs and possible other bribes...I mean...general bloggy love still stand. {me me me}