September 23, 2010

Name! That! Roll! {Round 2}

Alright's time for Round 2! Let's do a recap...

Here's how to play:
I will be posting a series of cropped pictures, each featuring a specific set of rolls. The first 5 people to guess the location of said roll correctly will be given points. The first person to guess correctly will get 5 points, the second will get 4, and so on. At the end of the series the player with the most points will receive a fabulous surprise package from me and Pie.

Here's the current standing:
5 Points - Jackie at The Mathey Family
4 Points - Yours Truly Dear at The Mundane Adventures of Miss Jess
3 Points - Her Momma at Finally Mom
2 Points - Angela at Life with Lane
1 Points - Aims at The Mom Who Stayed Sober

And here's the new picture (I promised it wouldn't be as hard as Round 1):

Guess away and good luck!!