September 24, 2010

So much to cover...

Okay, so there's quite a bit to get through today...

1) The Red Dress Club the assignment:
This idea I stole after reading this post from The Never-True Tales. She linked to the writing prompt, and I've decided to do it for the Red Writing Hood this week. Be as creative with your answers as you want.I hate to do this to you, I do, but please go to this link for the prompt. It's filling in words on a template to describe "Where I'm From." You basically will have to copy the template onto your blog (it's not hard!) and I also wanted you to read the explainer about it.
The result:
I am from snowy quiet, from Fraggle Rock and Caboodles.
I am from the Cape Cod cottage filled with bunk beds and sand.
I am from the dandelion, the honeysuckle.
I am from new pjs on Christmas Eve and the brilliant chaos, from Chris and Marie and Grammy Williams.
I am from the "no library voice" and the oversharing.
From you may not have succeeded but you tried really hard and books are amazing.
I am from the Latin, the Roman, the Sundays in scratchy dresses learning about first communion.
I'm from Michigan and Ireland, meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
From the time as a baby that I punched my brother in the mouth and made him swallow a tooth, the next time when I only inflicted a bloody nose, and the years he got me back by holding me down and farting on my head.
I am from the living room wall in my parent's house. I can follow the family growing there. First two, then 4, then 8, now 15 strong. I can see where we have come from, the moments captured, the huge and tiny joys, the life that has led me to this point.

2) Name! That! Roll! Round 2 went really well. I think it was too easy! :) Here are the current standings:

9 Points - Jackie at The Mathey Family
5 Points – Cris at
Jus Keep Smiling
4 Points - Yours Truly Dear at
The Mundane Adventures of Miss Jess
3 Points - Her Momma at Finally Mom
3 Points – Elise at Little Sprout Growing
2 Points - Angela at
Life with Lane
2 Points - Emily at Wife, Check. Mom, Check. Now What?
1 Point - Aims at
The Mom Who Stayed Sober
1 Point - Christina at And for good measure…

And the uncropped picture. It was her chunky back of leg/above the knee! She was climbing up her dada...
3) Two lovely ladies have passed awards onto me. I want to acknowledge them today and I promise over the weekend I'll follow the rules. Promise!

The Drama Mama at The Scoop on Poop was sweet enough to think of me when passing on this award. Thank you Mama!!

And the lovely Traci at Traci66 passed this beauty on to me. Thank you sweet Traci! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!