October 7, 2010

TRDC, NTR and FYF...hooray for abbreviations!!

1) The Red Dress Club...yeah so this week the prompt was non-fiction. I can't so much do the non-fiction. Also Pie has been a giant stink about sleeping lately so I just couldn't rally. I suck.

2) NAME! THAT! ROLL! {Round 4} is still going. I added another clue, and will continue the guessing. Last I looked we had 3 right answers...2 more spots! Keep those guesses coming!!

3) I'm jumping in on Fawk You Friday for the first time. This week seemed to have a bunch of things making me crazy.

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Fawk you...job that I hate so much. You are sucking the very life out of me.

Fawk you...boss who decided I have too much vacation time and will be taking a week of it away next year. After working for him full-time for 11 years...yeah, you read that right...11 effin years. Plus another several more part-time.

Fawk you...scale for not showing me the numbers I want you to. And yes, it's totally the scale's fault and has nothing at all to do with the Halloween Kit Kats at my office.

Fawk you...Starbucks for coming up with this drink that I now want to swim in and make my best friend. Thank god it's seasonal.

Hope you all have an amazing Fall weekend. We're off to the pumpkin patch...so I'm sure there will be pictures next week!